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Lighting and Sound Solutions For Your Event

17 April 2018
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If you are planning an event, you may be thinking about the lighting and sound equipment. High-quality sound equipment will ensure your guest can enjoy the music and will be able to hear any speeches made using a PA system. Lighting can help to create the perfect atmosphere. Below is a list of lighting and sound solutions you may wish to consider using for your event.



Uplighters are shaded lights which are placed at floor level. They cast light upwards towards the ceiling creating a soft and welcoming glow. This type of lighting is ideal for the back of a stage or the edge of a room.


Spotlights are the ideal choice if you wish to illuminate one small area of a room. To prevent guest from being blinded by a spotlight, you may wish to opt for a LED version.


A laser light show is a perfect choice if you plan to party late into the night. A lighting specialist will be able to synchronise the laser light show with the music which is being played. A computer program analyses the digital music recording and maps out the beat and uses this as a framework to control the movement, colour and direction of the laser beams.  


Public address system

If your event involves public speaking, such as at an awards ceremony, you will need a public address (PA) system. This system features a number of microphones which are linked to large speakers which are set up to broadcast the sound clearly so it can be easily heard and understood.

Mixing desk

If you are planning to play music or to have a live band perform at your event, you will need a mixing desk. The mixing desk allows the bass, treble and other aspects of the audio signal to be managed and controlled. A mixing desk will also make it possible to easily transition from one piece of audio to another using fade in/out techniques.


The type of speakers you require will depend on the type of event and its location. An audio specialist can offer you speakers which are designed for outdoor use, indoor use. They can also provide live music monitors for use by live bands and surround speakers if you wish to create a surround sound cinema experience.

If you would like to find out more about the different lighting and sound options which are available to you, you should contact lighting and sound specialists in your area.