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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Craig and I live with my wife and child in Brisbane, Australia. My day job in an insurance office is pretty boring but at the weekends I like to promote and host live music in a local nightclub. When I first started doing this, I didn't really know what I was doing. I knew that I would need screens and projectors to illuminate the stage and a decent PA system to broadcast the sound, but I had no idea where to find one or how to set it up. Thankfully, I got in touch with someone who works in the industry and he was able to give me lots of top tips.


Lights, Camera, Action! Creating Your Own Movie Masterpiece

28 May 2017
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Do you regularly watch movies and think, "I could do that?" Have you dreamed of committing your ideas to film for all time? Do you often think you have what it takes to be the next Spielberg? Luckily for you, it's easier than ever before to get creative and make your ideas a reality, even if you don't have a massive budget behind you. Just follow this guide and you might find the process easier than you think. Read More …

Troubleshooting Headphones Audio Problems

24 April 2017
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Headphones are a great invention, giving you privacy while you listen to music, watch movies, or even communicate with other people. They also limit noise, stopping people around you from being disturbed. Unfortunately, if a problem develops with your headphones, you might be either forced to use speakers or unable to carry on with your tasks at all. This is an extremely frustrating position to be in, but before you send your headphones off for repairs or think about buying some new ones, you might be able to solve the issue yourself. Read More …

How to Choose the Right Audio/Video Equipment to Rent for an Offsite Presentation

28 March 2017
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When you need to make an offsite presentation, such as for your own staff at a convention or for potential clients and customers, you would do well to rent some audio/video equipment to bring with you. Relying on the equipment provided by a venue can be a mistake as you never know about the quality of that equipment, and of course you can't take it with you if you need to make multiple stops, such as when visiting a number of potential clients. Read More …